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About Us

Spencer is a privately held, U.S.-owned and -operated company

Since 1892, The Spencer Turbine Company has applied a unique Engineering Edge to create innovative solutions for air and gas handling problems. Today, the world faces extreme challenges in the areas of energy and the environment. We call these issues E2 and are addressing them with our own E2 combination of Engineering and Experience.

E2 Focus-Energy. This encompasses a wide range of industries: power, nuclear, coal, gas, electric and emerging technologies such as fuel cells and hydrogen systems. Spencer products are being utilized for gas boosting; desulfurization of oil, diesel fuel and flue gases; combustion air delivery; nuclear safety systems; coal dust collection; fuel cells and nuclear waste reclamation.

E2 Focus-Environment. Under the broad “umbrella” of environmental concerns are water, land, air, health and human safety issues. We are meeting them effectively with systems for digester gas and landfill gas recovery and utilization; barge vapor extraction; combustion air delivery; wastewater treatment aeration; soil remediation; emission control; flue gas desulfurization processes, vacuum cleaning for plant-wide cleanliness; and waste material reclamation and recycling.

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Major product lines

These products are identified by various registered trademarks that are your assurance of genuine Spencer quality. Some of our best-known trademarks are Power Mizer® cast multistage centrifugal blowers, Vortex® regenerative blowers, Industravac® self-contained vacuum systems and Jet-Clean® filtration separators.

Spencer blowers range in size from fractional horsepower Vortex® regenerative blowers to 2000 HP multistage centrifugal blowers. Among them is the notable engineering achievement, energy-efficient Power Mizer® blowers that utilize cast iron housings and uniquely designed aluminum impellers to achieve significant energy savings. With their high operating efficiency, Power Mizer blowers are especially valued for processes that run continuously, such as aeration applications for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

Besides multistage centrifugals, Spencer makes single stage centrifugal blowers and Vortex® regenerative blowers in performance ranges appropriate for applications such as liquid agitation, parts drying, air wipes, pneumatic conveying and combustion air delivery.

Spencer gas boosters are specialized blowers for handling natural gas and other flammable or explosive gases. In our exclusive hermetic design, an explosion-proof motor is totally enclosed inside a blower housing, where it is cooled by the conveyed gas. Spencer made the very first hermetically sealed gas boosters and the first to be listed by Underwriters Laboratories. These gas boosters are approved for use in major cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia.

Spencer also designs and builds industrially rated vacuum systems for heavy-duty cleaning jobs in commercial, institutional and manufacturing locations. Our equipment includes vacuum producers, primary and secondary separators, material collectors, metallic tubing and fittings, cleaning hoses and tools, electrical controls and all system accessories such as inlet valves. These central systems provide a “vacuum utility” with broad uses beyond cleaning in functions like vacuum hold-down, liquid extraction, vacuum-assisted sanding and grinding, and materials collection for recycling or disposal.


Spencer Customers and Applications

From our 19th century origin providing air systems for pipe organs, Spencer quickly became a prime supplier to American industry, which still relies on our blowers and vacuum systems to do a full day’s work for years at a time. The quality and durability that go into Spencer products are now serving a broad variety of end users.

  • Manufacturing high-performance process blowers and vacuum systems.
  • Schools central vacuum cleaning systems to improve indoor air quality.
  • Food processing plants vacuum removal of wet and dry spills and blowers for wastewater treatment aeration.
  • Municipalities continuous-duty aeration blowers for wastewater and water treatment.
  • Power plants blowers and gas boosters for combustion air, flue gas desulpherization and processes.
  • Carwashes, car rental agencies, car dealerships heavy-duty vacuum cleaning.
  • Refineries combustion air and process blowers.
  • Auto body shops, detail shops – vacuum-assisted sanding and vacuum cleaning.
  • Chemical plants – custom blowers and gas boosters for processes and for moving hazardous or corrosive gases.
  • Mining – continuous-duty blowers for flotation cells and methane gas extraction.
  • Bus and rail maintenance facilities – heavy-duty vacuum cleaning.
  • OEM manufacturers – custom air handling modules inside new equipment.
  • Pulp & Paper – blowers and vacuum systems for air knives, combustion air, dewatering, wastewater treatment, aeration and trim removal.
  • Hospitals – vacuum systems for housecleaning, sanitizing and fume evacuation.
  • Public utilities – gas boosters recovering digester and landfill gases for use as valuable alternative energy sources.
  • Nuclear facilities – critical-duty blowers for air and gas handling.
  • Electronic and pharmaceutical cleanrooms – powerful vacuum systems for intense cleaning.

Custom Products and Systems

In addition to standard products, Spencer has a unique capability for custom product design and manufacturing utilizing a variety of special materials for specific properties. Supported by an in-house staff of chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers, we have built an international reputation and worldwide business in innovative custom products.

To add value to our core products, Spencer has oriented its sales and engineering outlook toward broad system concepts. We can design and build comprehensive systems, incorporating blowers and vacuum units along with Spencer-built electronic control panels and system accessories. Our skills as a system integrator make Spencer an important “single source” vendor that can reduce your overall costs and add functional convenience with a packaged system approach.

To support our custom products and systems business, there are extensive on-premises facilities for application research  and product development. Customer-focused testing and research are conducted here, utilizing a unique database of technical information and computer resources.

200,000 sq.ft. Spencer headquarters in Windsor, CT houses the product design, R&D and testing operations and manufacturing facilities for all Spencer blowers, vacuum systems and electrical control panels, plus administrative, sales and engineering offices.

Design, Engineering, Testing & Manufacturing Center

The Spencer corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is located at 600 Day Hill Road in Windsor, CT, two miles from I-91 Exit 38, just five minutes from Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT, ten minutes from Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA. This facility contains all the resources and equipment for in-house production of our fabricated standard and custom centrifugal blowers, electrical control panels, fittings and accessory products. All Spencer product lines are assembled, painted, tested and packaged in this facility.

Worldwide Product Sales and Availability

For product sales assistance and support, Spencer has Industrial Sales Representatives and Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment Sales Representatives throughout North America. Our manufacturer’s representatives are highly knowledgeable about Spencer products and their use in air and gas handling systems.

The Spencer name has also spread globally. Overseas, we market through an export management company and an international organization of  highly experienced sales representatives. This broad worldwide network is available for skilled product selection, installation and operation assistance everywhere the name Spencer is recognized and valued.

Since 1892, Spencer has dedicated itself and its people to providing engineered blowers and vacuum systems for environmental improvement and energy conservation. That differentiating philosophy is well-expressed in our theme line, Blowers & Vacuum Systems with an Engineering Edge.

Company History