Spencer has specialized in providing innovative solutions to air and gas handling problems since 1892, applying an Engineering Edge to meet the demands of industrial, municipal, institutional and commercial markets. Many of our products have broad usage throughout these fields, others are specialized, highly engineered innovations that address the particular challenges of one market.

After more than a century of problem-solving, Spencer has devised effective approaches for handling flammable gases, vacuuming bulky materials, recovering corrosive landfill gases, cleaning bus fleets, disinfecting operating rooms and much more. When you have a big task, get help from Spencer.

From bare blowers and vacuum units to custom, skid-mounted packaged systems complete with electronic controls, Spencer can engineer, manufacture and deliver equipment that will meet your specific purpose in any area.


Industries use Spencer’s blowers and industrial vacuum systems for critical processing and cleaning applications, from high temperature gas movement in petrochemical plants to combustion air blowers in primary metal facilities, cleanroom cleaning in pharmaceutical companies and wet vacuum systems for food processors.


Water and wastewater treatment facilities utilize Spencer centrifugal blowers for round-the-clock aeration, augmented by Spencer gas boosters that turn waste gases from landfills and digesters into new energy resources. Our central vacuum cleaning systems improve indoor air quality in schools, auditoriums and other municipal facilities.


Enterprises from auto washes to woodworking shops rely on Spencer for low-maintenance, dependable vacuum cleaning. Other commercial sites use Spencer blowers for the job-tailored performance they need for natural gas boosting, pneumatic conveying, aquaculture and water blow-off systems.


Colleges, museums, judicial buildings and other institutions use Spencer central vacuum cleaning systems to improve indoor air quality. In hospitals, we go beyond thorough housecleaning to offer sanitizing systems, vacuum components for laser smoke removal in operating rooms and oral evacuation systems for dental facilities.