Spencer is right at home in industry. Our central vacuum systems, centrifugal blowers, pneumatic conveying systems, regenerative blowers, air sampling equipment, wastewater aeration blowers, dust collection systems and high pressure blowers have different uses but identical traits. They are all designed to run for long periods under difficult operating conditions with little maintenance.

Chemical and petrochemical processes may pose combinations of problems in handling toxic, flammable, corrosive, hazardous, high pressure and high temperature gases. Spencer has the expertise - and interest - to tackle such nightmares with special blowers and gas pressure boosters. Our engineers use specialized alloys, custom coatings and surface treatments, extra-thick housing walls with corrosion allowances, non-sparking alloys and high-efficiency seals to conquer the worst possible conditions. We have developed effective solutions for situations that are so difficult, there are sometimes no other qualified sources anywhere in the world.

Typical Markets/Uses

Mining                       Ventilation, flotation cells 
Power generation        Flue gas handling, natural gas  
Pharmaceutical          Dust collection, hazardous
                                 material collection 
Manufacturing            Vacuum cleaning, high-velocity
                                 dust collection 
Chemical                    Waste gas disposal 
Plastics                      Process air drying 
Electronics                 Cleanroom dust collection and
Aerospace                  Test stand air supply 
Food processing          Spill cleanup, recyclable 
                                  materials collection  
Petroleum                   Process gas handling,
Metal finishing             Plating tank agitation 
Printing                       Scrap collection
Petrochemical             Combustion air blowers
Primary metals            Air knife blowers 
Industravac Mobile Vacuum System
Specially adapted Industravac® mobile vacuum system has two manifolds with four vacuum inlets a piece to accommodate large cleaning crews with up to eight simultaneous operators in an aerospace manufacturing and retrofit facility.
AEROSPACE PROBLEM SOLVED.  An aerospace company wanted a mobile, compact industrial vacuum system for a facility that retrofits jet aircraft. The system had to wheel up to a jet with eight vacuum hoses and clean the entire aircraft fast—without risking fire or explosion around volatile jet fuel. Spencer modified a standard mobile vacuum system to accept multiple hoses, used explosion-proof or grounded components throughout, and delivered just what the customer ordered.
Power Mizer
Spencer vacuum system with Power Mizer® vacuum producer recovers spilled cereal from packaging machines for recycling as animal feed.
FOOD PROCESSING PROBLEM SOLVED.  Spencer convinced a breakfast food manufacturer to switch from wet sanitation to dry vacuuming around its packaging lines, eliminating an organic waste discharge. A bonus benefit: our client was able to recover and collect the spilled cereal to sell for animal feed.
Multistage Power Mizer
Multistage Power Mizer cast centrifugal blower, ready for shipment to an overseas paper mill for a “green” application recovering mill byproducts.
To convert paper mill byproducts into environmentally responsible ingredients for paper-making, an OEM company needed reliable flue gas blowers. Spencer dealt with the harsh operating conditions by equipping centrifugal blowers with special coatings, shaft seals, bearing seals and flushing provisions. The blowers are going into new installations and also replacing other blowers because they are more reliable and efficient.
Hastelloy Housing for Corrosion Resistance
Housing of this high-performance Spencer blower is fabricated of Hastelloy® for corrosion resistance when handling toxic waste gases in European pharmaceutical plant.
An American pharmaceutical giant needed special blowers for two overseas plants to dispose of high temperature, corrosive waste gases. We designed four special fabricated blowers, met strict European codes for blowers in explosive atmospheres, found European sources for components not available in the U.S. and provided mechanical and electrical startup services in two countries.
Compact, mobile and totally integrated, this Industravac vacuum system provides convenient cleanup of mercury vapor spills to eliminate an environmental hazard.
 To protect its employees and avoid an OSHA fine, a lighting manufacturer needed a one-of-a-kind mobile vacuum cleaning system that would prevent the release of toxic mercury vapor during fluorescent tube production. Spencer delivered more than requested. Special provisions include an air compressor and storage tank, cartridge separator with periodic automated cleaning, activated carbon filter and high-efficiency HEPA filter. 
Power Mizer 50Hz electric motor
Power Mizer Steam Turbine
Specially configured Power Mizer blowers headed for Central Java in Indonesia feature two unusual drives—a 50Hz electric motor and a steam turbine.
Spencer won the contract for an Indonesian oil and gas refinery application through a combination of product and engineering advantages. We adapted two multistage centrifugal blowers for use as degassing blowers, supplying air and hydrocarbons to a byproduct combustion unit. One blower has a gear increaser to compensate for 50Hz electricity; the other has a steam turbine power source for standby emergency use during power outages.
Blower for Acetylene Production
Custom fabricated blower for acetylene production in Louisiana has extraordinary safety and control features to deal with this potentially unstable gas.
CHEMICAL PRODUCTION PROBLEM SOLVED. Acetylene gas is a vital industrial raw material that is explosively unstable above 300°F. The heat of compression inside a blower, coupled with a spark, could be catastrophic. The Spencer solution, developed for a chemical manufacturing facility, included high-pressure blower housings, nonsparking aluminum internal components and a nitrogen-purged control panel to avoid sparks.
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