Spencer central vacuum systems promote better indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is a serious and growing environmental issue that is effectively addressed by Spencer central vacuum cleaning systems. In schools, healthcare facilities and other institutional settings, they reduceairborne contaminants that trigger allergic reactions andairborne particles that cause eye, nose and throat irritation, respiratory infections and bronchitis.

Everything vacuumed up by a Spencer system is permanently removed. Our central systems are vented to the outside; they do not recontaminate cleaned rooms with ultrafine particles that pass through the filters of in-room vacuum cleaners.

Each system is custom-designed for its location. The main modules (vacuum producer and separators) are placed in a central location and connected to various rooms and facilities via a metal tubing network. Spencer offers comprehensive selections of tubing and fittings, along with vacuum attachments, hoses and cleaning tools. Specialized hoses and tools make it easy to clean stairs, labs, carpeted and hard-surfaced floors – even pool areas, locker rooms and auditoriums.

Our systems typically run continuously while buildings are occupied, so they are constantly available for use. They can be designed to carry out a number of functions beyond cleaning – oral evacuation in dental clinics, hood exhausts for college laboratories, paper dust collection in post offices…the opportunities are as varied as the needs.

More Specialized System Applications

  • Welding fume removal and vacuum-assisted sanding in technical schools.
  • Removal of animal bedding in veterinary colleges, laboratories and testing facilities.
  • Liquid and food spill removal from cafeterias and laboratories.
  • Central sanitizing systems for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and cafeterias; disinfectant/detergent dispersal is followed by wet vacuum system removal of used cleaning solution.
  • High-performance floor cleaning in emergency call centers and air traffic facilities to protect sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Anesthesia gas collection from hospital operating rooms.
  • Water filtration vacuum systems with immersion technology for safety in munitions facilities.

Typical Institutional Customers

  • Elementary and secondary schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Technical and trade schools
  • Medical and dental schools
  • Air traffic control operations
  • Government agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes, rest homes
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Judicial buildings and courthouses
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Military facilities
  • Dental clinics
  • Post offices
  • 911 call centers

Spencer At Work Here, There and Everywhere


Environmental safety system at a university campus center uses Spencer gas boosters and UL Listed control panels for methane gas dispersal.


Custom vacuum system for shot blast grit removal undergoes testing before delivery to a military contractor  reconditioning submarines of the U.S. fleet
A Connecticut children’s hospital has a Spencer vacuum system for removal of hazardous laser surgery smoke and liquid contaminants from 26 operating rooms; system has high capacity and redundancy to assure an uninterrupted vacuum flow.