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Spencer has many blower types from single stage centrifugal and regenerative models to multistage centrifugals with fabricated or cast construction. Power Mizer® blowers with cast iron and aluminum components have very high operating efficiency suited for continuous-duty service, while fabricated blowers of carbon steel allow substitution of specialized metals for precise resistance to abrasion, corrosion or extreme temperatures. Overall performance maximums: 50,000 ICFM, 20 PSIG pressure, 15″ Hg vacuum.


Vacuum Cleaning / Vacuum Systems

From single-user, mobile vacuum cleaning units to extensive, multi-operator central vacuum systems, Spencer has standard or custom designs for all industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. Besides heavy-duty vacuum cleaning, Spencer systems can perform high-velocity dust collection, pneumatic conveying, liquid pickup, scrap removal, hospital sanitizing and similar intensive applications, using specialized collectors, separators and filtration systems.

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Spencer supports its blowers and vacuum system products with compatible accessories, options and controls to help you customize an entire air or gas handling system. There are four major categories: accessory items such as blast gates, expansion sleeves and flexible connectors; vacuum hoses and tools for specialized cleaning convenience; tubing & fittings for construction of an extended vacuum network; and electrical controls with any desired level of command functions, remote access and system monitoring.