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Accessories & Parts

Vast selections of accessory items and replacement parts are available for your Spencer equipment. Many accessories are designed for installation at the Spencer factory before delivery; others can be added after the sale at your location. Please also check the information at Replacement Parts, Blower Options & Accessories,Car Care Options & Accessories, Separator Options & Accessories and Electrical Controls for other options and accessories.

Blower and Vacuum System Accessories

Monitoring Equipment

  • Vibration measurement devices
  • Bearing temperature devices
  • Calibrated ammeter indicates airflow

Protection Equipment

  • Blastgates, manual and motorized
  • Bearing temperature devices
  • Inlet air filter/silencer
  • Spring vibration bases and snubbers provide earthquake and vibration protection
  • HEPA filter
  • Sound wrap material
  • Sound curtains
  • Motor silencers
  • Weather cap for blower inlet or vacuum producer outlet

Airflow and Regulation Accessories

  • Inlet air filter
  • Air noise silencer
  • Check valve
  • Thimble spacer facilitates installation of check valve or blastgate
  • Sheet steel reducers
  • Companion flange makes transition from tubing to flanged component
  • Rubber sleeve and clamp join two tubing sections or machine inlet/outlet to tubing
  • Tubing and fittings (for details, get a copy of  our
  • Expansion joints isolate a Spencer machine from the tubing system

Replacement Parts

Spare parts such as impellers, spacers and deflectors and wear items such as bearings and gaskets may be purchased at any time.

Click here for Replacement Parts ordering information and connection to the Parts Hotline.

Separator Accessories

Monitoring and Protection Equipment

  • Ball float shutoff prevents overfilling of liquid collectors
  • Explosion relief port membrane and gasket kits
  • Touch-up paint
  • Canvas neck and barrel covers

Filtration and Collection Accessories

  • Filter bags of cotton, polyester, polypropylene, PTFE membrane, nylon and other fabrics, grounded or non-grounded
  • Filter cartridges of spun bond polyester, cellulose, synthetic cellulose, PTFE membrane, standard or anti-static
  • Replacement dirt cans, plastic liners and pressure equalizing lines
  • 55-gallon drums and dollies

Replacement System Components

  • Hoses, wands, tools and inlet valves; see
    • Tubing, fittings and inlet valves; see