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AyrJet® High Speed Turbo Blowers

Innovation for water and wastewater treatment aeration applications


Spencer’s high speed, high efficiency single-stage turbo blower technology was developed with a focus on maximum efficiency to help customers reduce energy costs while providing reliable air delivery for aeration needs.

As a result, Spencer offers five AyrJet Series high speed, high efficiency single-stage turbo blowers with magnetic bearing protection and control technology. These are compact units that include a direct drive oil-free permanent magnet motor and an integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) with PLC controls. The AyrJet Series features best-in-industry wire to air efficiencies.

With the AyrJet Series’ highly engineered, proven magnetic bearing technology, the blower shaft is levitated and centered at both ends in their respective magnetic fields. From the moment power is applied the magnetic bearing controller monitors and adjusts the magnetic fields to maintain the shaft-centered position, virtually eliminating contact, friction and the need for oil or grease lubrication. The continuous monitoring and adjustment of the magnetic fields to maintain the shaft’s centered position ensures protection from catastrophic failure.

Designed to meet continuous-duty aeration requirements with peak energy efficiency over the full range of variable diurnal and seasonal flow requirements, the AyrJet Series is an investment in optimum performance for water and wastewater treatment aeration.

High speed turbo blowers are an investment in efficient aeration


Typically aeration blowers represent up to 80% of the annual operating expenses at water and wastewater treatment plants because of energy consumption. To help improve energy efficiency and reduce overall costs at a plant, the AyrJet product family includes five series and fifteen models featuring pressures to 19 psig (131 kPa) and with maximum flows ranging from 2400 cfm (4077 m3/hr) to 11,000 cfm (18,689 m3/hr).


Active magnetic bearing technology offers added controls and unique advantages

Magnetic bearing high speed turbo blowers feature unlimited starts and stops, catastrophic failure protection, continuous temperature, vibration and shaft monitoring for optimal efficiency and, when required, H2S protection in highly corrosive areas, internal electronic cooling for environments in excess of 104 °F (40 °C) and available remote connectivity for monitoring the status and health of the machine and data trending analysis.

Spencer has opted to include this technology in the AyrJet Series because of both the multiple fail-safe mechanisms and efficiency payback.

Procuring energy efficient aeration blowers can provide a payback period in as little as three years, with continued significant cost of ownership savings over an average 20 year equipment life. The investment in a machine with magnetic bearings offers significant long term advantages over its life. Click here for a SKF app regarding magnetic bearing technology.

For further information on the advantages of magnetic bearing technology, download the white paper “High Speed Bearing Technologies for Wastewater Treatment Applications,” as presented at WEFTEC (Water Environment Federation Technology Exhibition and Conference) by Spencer engineers.

Featured project


Danbury wastewater treatment facility realizes energy savings, mitigates CO2 output.

The Spencer Turbine Company’s innovative AyrJet high speed turbo blowers are featured in a video produced by SKF USA, Inc., a leading developer of magnetic bearings. SKF provides this proven technology in the motors used in Spencer’s AyrJet Series, which provides energy efficient aeration for water and wastewater treatment plants.

For Veolia Water, the company that manages the Danbury, Connecticut (USA), Water Pollution Control Plant, saving energy was only part of the equation. Reducing CO2 emissions went hand in hand with lowering overall blower power consumption. So, when it came to making improvements at the facility, Veolia Water chose the Spencer AyrJet high speed turbo blower to achieve both goals. The SKF motor and its magnetic bearings were integral in making this goal happen.

Magnetic bearings operate by creating a magnetic field that levitates the shaft and impeller providing non-contacting rotation at any RPM. The magnetic field is generated by electro-magnets in both radial and axial bearings. To keep the operation stable, the bearings have built in position sensors that check the location of the shaft 15,000 times per second. Shaft position information is sent to the Magnetic Bearing Controller (MBC).

The MBC then uses that information to adjust the current flowing to the electro-magnets altering and changing the strength of the magnetic field thereby maintaining optimal shaft position. The MBC having such vast amounts of data enables the AyrJet blower to perform self-assessment to monitor vibration, internal bearing temperatures and other parameters continuously evaluation the health of the equipment. In case of potentially troublesome trends due to external events, power loss, or component failure, the AyrJet machine will protect itself without human intervention. The information recorded during such event can be sent anywhere in the world allowing and assessment of equipment status and formulating a plan of action without need for a service technician at the plant site.

In Danbury, two existing 300 hp multistage centrifugal blowers were operating one at a time to aerate 4 basins. Each blower was consuming an average of 3200 kW per day. Working with Veolia, Spencer installed a single blower – a model AJ100-2 100 hp unit to satisfy the air demands of the entire facility, leaving the existing machines as stand-by units. The “plug and play” AyrJet blower was connected to Danbury’s existing inlet and discharge piping.

When one 100 hp blower replaced two 300 hp blowers, the energy cost saving became evident. In addition to the dollars saved by lowering energy costs, the more efficient blower mitigated significant CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

View this video to see energy cost savings realized.

Superior reliability with magnetic bearings

This latest in high speed, high efficiency turbo blowers expands Spencer’s product offerings for the water and wastewater treatment market. The AyrJet Series is Spencer innovation, reliability and energy efficiency blended together.