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Hermetic Natural Gas Boosters

Hermetic Natural Gas Boosters and Skid Packages

Spencer equipment solutions for increasing natural gas street-level pressure

Natural gas has become increasingly popular as a fuel source because of its availability and the fact that it burns cleaner than oil or coal. However, low street-level volume — especially in certain parts of the country where infrastructure is old or gas is piped in from a longer distance — makes it a challenge to use natural gas even when the preference is for it.

Natural gas booster product choices to meet your specific requirements

Spencer offers natural gas boosters and skid packages as the ideal equipment solutions for schools, apartments or condominiums, retail shops, museums/arts complexes, healthcare facilities, office buildings, restaurants, sports arenas — anywhere you need constant discharge pressure to your HVAC building systems.

We introduced the first hermetically sealed multistage gas boosters in 1975 and continue to lead the industry with a range of UL Listed natural gas booster designs that use Spencer’s standard overhung blower design and multiple, spark-resistant aluminum alloy impellers mounted directly on heavy-duty extended motor shaft.

To help meet heating season demands, we provide a broad range of natural gas booster equipment solutions, including our High Capacity Series, a multistage centrifugal design with volume to 240,000 icfh and pressure to 83″ WC; and our Low Capacity Series, a single stage centrifugal design volume to 12,000 icfh pressure to 9″ WC.

Spencer can provide these blowers in an easy-to-install natural gas booster skid package. The skid package is pre-engineered, prepiped. With control panel and all connections included, the skid package is ready to be hooked up to field power and gas lines.

Get the pressure you need and the peace of mind you want

Spencer offers its compact GasCube® natural gas booster skid package – including our latest innovation, the GasCube VS Series.

The GasCube VS Series not only boosts utility natural gas street-pressure levels, but also monitors volume and varies the motor speed to keep discharge pressure constant while reducing power consumption. This is the ideal natural gas booster solution where inlet pressures fluctuate but a constant discharge is required.

Using variable speed (VS) drive technology, it monitors volume from the street, boosts pressure and keeps it constant. All while saving as much as 68% on energy consumption.

GasCube Series for when downtime is not an option

For mission-critical installations including medical facilities, police or fire stations, and others where downtimes is not an option, Spencer offers the GasCube natural gas booster skid package with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The UPS provides instant protection from a momentary power interruption. If power goes out, the UPS ensures the blower motor remains on, so that natural gas pressure does not drop before the auxiliary power supply activates.

Duplex configurations provide backup and parallel operation

Another option for critical missions is a duplex GasCube configuration, which includes two boosters. This configuration serves two primary facility needs. Our standard option duplex offers 100 percent back-up to ensure optimum performance – if one unit is offline, the second automatically takes over. A custom duplex option provides parallel operation – we engineer the control panel so that the second blower powers on as demand increases.

Spencer natural gas booster solutions provide optimum performance for broad range of requirements

We also offer PLC and relay logic control panels that make it easy to start and stop the natural gas booster and to monitor motor high temperature, low inlet pressure and automatic restart on power recovery in automatic mode of operation.
Whatever your requirements, Spencer experts can work with you to provide an equipment solution – even at the height of the heating season when customers are eager to get equipment online.

For more information on our natural gas boosting equipment solutions:

Featured project – Classic car museum turns to classic brand in gas boosting

The historic mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, go hand-in-hand with the antique autos of the 1920s and 30s, evoking a luxury and class of coastal living and touring from a bygone era.

Newport’s Audrain Automobile Museum was established in 2014 to become one of the most highly regarded automotive museums in New England. It draws not only the local community but car enthusiasts everywhere. Its collection includes more than 160 of the rarest and most remarkable vehicles in history, and houses fully restored vehicles ranging from the beginning of the 20th Century to modern day.

The museum’s pre-war collection includes a 1929 Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom I Brewster Ascot Phaeton and a 1930 Cord L29 Phaeton, among other classics. When preserving and displaying such a priceless collection, power outages are not an option. That is why, when the museum expanded recently, it turned to the classic brand in gas boosting equipment solutions — Spencer.

The vital climate control in the museum is critical and must be maintain during a power outage. Spencer’s technical team worked with the customer to install a GasCube natural gas booster skid package that serves to assist the building’s back-up generator if power goes out.

Typical GasCube operation boosts the street pressure of natural gas to a pressure that will overcome losses due to piping, equipment elevations, and other factors. However, in the case of the Audrain application, the customer requested an optional APC Smart-Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) be mounted and wired to a GasCube model SYS90261-MA-MOD skid. With this UPS option, there is instant protection from a momentary power interruption. The UPS enables the GasCube to come online and immediately boost the gas from the street to the back-up generator.

Climate control is not lost and the classic cars remain protected.

Flexibility for your project, with the reliability and quality you expect

We have not stopped innovating since we introduced our original hermetic gas boosters more than 40 years ago. Only the industry leader in air and gas handling equipment solutions can offer such variety in natural gas booster technology. Any way you boost it, you get the required level of natural gas pressure and Spencer’s legendary reliability and quality.