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Tubing & Fittings

Metallic Tubing and Fittings for Air Handling Systems

As an air and gas handling specialist, Spencer is your source for light gauge metallic tubing and the companion fittings that make it easy to lay out and implement an entire network for central vacuum cleaning, pneumatic conveying, low pressure air handling and material handling systems.



Spencer tubing and fittings are available in many diameters and gauges, ready for quick shipment from stock.

More economical than steel pipe and pipe fittings, more durable than PVC or other plastic tubing and without worries about static electricity buildup, our metallic tubing products are lightweight and strong. They are made in carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum, in diameters from 2-1/8″ to 14″. Contact Spencer for availability of special tubing and fittings diameters and material gauges.

Standard fittings include elbows, YL and TY branches, couplings, reducers and adapters, which are supplemented by a complete line of accessories—flanges, rubber sleeves, vacuum hoses, check valves, air gates, butterfly valves, etc.

Special fittings can be fabricated of various metals for custom-designed ease of connection or installation. Some ideas: 180° returns, manifolds, double threaded Ys, tube to pipe adapters, hose adapters, flanged adapters.

Vacuum system inlet valves are available for floor and wall installation. Some alternatives: recessed, flush-type valves; valves with locking features; slotted floor valves that can vacuum dirt from dry mops and pushbrooms; silent valves for hospitals, libraries and schools; oversized valves for large diameter vacuum hoses.

Special fabrication services are available in aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and carbon steel—plain or primed. Starting with economical standard Spencer fittings, we can provide machine manifolds, welded configurations, assemblies, prefabricated ductwork and various types of air distribution devices. Using Spencer tubing and fittings components is a smart way to save jobsite time.

Layout and design services are available from Spencer to help you develop an integrated tubing and fittings network for your central vacuum cleaning, pneumatic conveying or low-pressure air and process material handling system applications.

Click here to obtain additional information and design assistance.