Centrifugal Separator Designs

Centrifugal Separators and Collectors
Centrifugal separators sometimes called primary collectors, are divided into dry and wet types, according to the nature of the material they segregate from the air stream. This segregation is caused by centrifugal force as air and material enter the collector. A spinning action separates vacuumed material from the air without the use of any filters.
Dry centrifugal separators are especially useful for segregating large volumes of heavy or abrasive materials -granules, stones, broken glass, brick chips, wood and metal shavings, metal chips, etc. They can be used alone when the dirt stream is homogeneous and not dusty. Since most dirt streams contain mixtures of coarse and fine materials, however, centrifugal separators usually provide primary separation and filter protection before a filtration separator.
Dry separators
Dry separators are available in diameters up to 72" and are sized based on the volume of air involved. They are typically equipped with a removable dirt can, hopper bottom with legs or hopper bottom with mounting pads. They are used to collect and hold vacuumed material.
High-efficiency separators
High-efficiency separators use a high velocity vortex centrifugal action for higher separation efficiency or for pneumatic conveying. This type requires continuous discharge from the separator by the addition of a surge hopper for material storage.
Top Hat® separator
The Spencer Top Hat® separator is a small centrifugal drum-top unit typically connected to a vacuum system via a jumper hose to act as a preseparator. It provides very convenient, localized separation and collection of recyclable byproducts or highly aggressive materials such as glass and metal fragments, before they can mix with the main dirt stream. It also avoids abrasive damage to the vacuum tubing system. There are two sizes for standard, customer-supplied drums; the Top Hat is easily transferred from drum to drum.
Stationary or Mobile Wet Centrifugal Separators Stationary or Mobile Wet Centrifugal Separators
Stationary wet separators are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other corrosion-resistant metals. They are available in two designs, flat bottom or leg-equipped. Wet separators remove liquids from the air stream of a wet vacuum system through centrifugal action. Uses include oral evacuation systems for dentistry, water extraction for textile manufacturing, pulp and paper dewatering, vacuum removal of liquids too shallow to pump or laser surgery smoke removal systems that are periodically cleaned with liquids. Options include emptying devices to automatically pump out collected liquids, water level indicators and internal washdown systems.
Stationary or Mobile Wet Centrifugal Separators
Mobile wet pickup separators attach to a vacuum cleaning system via a jumper hose to isolate and collect liquids before they can contaminate the dirt stream of a dry vacuum system. They are excellent add-ons for central vacuum systems to pick up liquid spills and to dry wet floors. Separator construction is aluminum.
Dozens of optional components, accessories and customized designs are available for specific functions, safety precautions or operating convenience.  
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