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Vacuum Hoses & Tools

Vacuum Hoses and Tools for Every Need


Hundreds of types of vacuum hoses, cleaning tools, attachments and accessories have been developed during more than a century of Spencer inventions and advancements. The point of this large array is to bring cleaning efficiency and speed to a great variety of industrial, commercial, municipal and institutional applications.

Spencer has a large inventory of vacuum hoses in various diameters and materials, plus cleaning wands, wall and floor tools, inlet valves, hose racks, couplings and specialized tools for intense vacuum cleaning. Most of our tools are metal for long-lasting resistance to abrasion and wear. For greater economy, all the wearing surfaces of these tools are replaceable.

There are long vacuum hoses and wide floor tools for large rooms, extension handles for cleaning high overhead ledges, floor tools on wheels for rough concrete floors, curved brushes for cleaning pipes, steel or aluminum crevice tools and static-resistant hoses to avoid sparking. There is certain to be something for every cleaning task you can imagine.

Spencer vacuum hoses and tools don’t always involve cleaning, either. For example, Spencer has special-purpose gulper tools and 2″ hoses for bulk material handling and floor squeegees for liquid recovery.

Inlet Valves



There is a great range of Spencer vacuum inlet valves for floors and walls. Some  alternatives: recessed, flush-type valves; valves with locking features; slotted floor valves that can vacuum dirt from dry mops and pushbrooms; silent valves for hospitals, libraries and schools; oversized valves for large diameter vacuum hoses; stainless steel valves for special applications.


For more information, get a copy of Spencer Vacuum Cleaning Attachments and Accessories


Spencer hose and tool cart provides wheeled convenience for carrying vacuum hoses, tools, attachments, etc. right to cleaning sites.


Long vacuum hoses and specialized floor cleaning tools simplify the big job of cleaning large offices, schools and institutions.



Spencer has vacuum cleaning attachments and accessories for hard-to-reach, dust-collecting areas such as windowsills and ledges.


Specialized cleaning tools make short work of removing fine dust and powders from schoolrooms, factories, product assembly areas, etc.



Spencer hose racks provide clutter-reducing, off-the-floor storage for vacuum hoses, compressed air lines, water hoses, etc.



Heavy accumulations of metal chips are handled easily by a specially designed rubber gulper tool.



Floor cleaning in industrial plants is an everyday task for steel tools designed for scraping over rough, abrasive concrete floors.