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Engineering & System Design

Spencer has the Engineering Edge – the industry’s largest full-time staff of technical specialists in air and gas handling technology, including design, application, development, mechanical and electrical engineers. One of their core competencies is modifying standard air and gas handling equipment to deliver custom systems with application-tailored, value-added functions.

Some valuable Spencer engineering attributes:

  • R&D department to develop new products, expand product features and increase performance ranges, yielding greater system capabilities.
  • System solutions approach, which provides comprehensive responses to air and gas handling problems from simple to the most complex.
  • In-depth experience helps our engineers select and recommend appropriate technology to satisfy customer requests, from high-performance metal alloys to computer-controlled valving.
  • Customization tailors equipment to your specifications and delivers special operating features or performance enhancements.
  • Complex central vacuum systems are engineered to provide the right solutions for uses from general facility cleaning to toxic material collection and abrasive material handling.
  • Custom electrical controls are planned and constructed by Spencer using dedicated facilities for assembly, programming and testing.
  • Skid packaging of systems relies on engineering input to plan system componentry and its integration into self-contained packages.

Spencer engineers meet air and gas handling challenges involving corrosive, flammable and toxic gases every day

Difficult-to-handle gases such as sulfides, halogens, acids, flue and stack gases, cyanides and ammonia may require blowers capable of:

  • Temperatures to 1100°F
  • Housing design pressures to 1000 PSIG
  • Inlet pressures to 600 PSIG
  • Differential pressures to 40 PSIG
  • High-efficiency or hermetic sealing

Even more challenging, industrial processes may posecombinations of adverse conditions in handling toxic, flammable, corrosive, hazardous, high pressure and high temperature gases. Spencer engineers design special blowers and gas pressure boosters with high-tech alloys, custom coatings and surface treatments, corrosion allowances, non-sparking alloys and high-efficiency seals to meet the worst conditions. We have developed effective solutions for situations that are so difficult, there is sometimes no other qualified supplier in the world.


Heavy involvement of Spencer engineers helped create this custom vacuum system for shot blast grit removal. Spencer added value by furnishing integral access platforms, ladders and railings, electrical controls and vacuum system on a steel frame.


An engineering innovation that helps municipalities utilize wastewater treatment digester gas as an alternative energy source, this natural gas dilution system has all system components including a gas booster and electrical controls skid-packaged for easy handling and hookup.


Set point adjustment being made by Spencer electrical engineer for bypass operation and system sequencing of a three-machine gas booster installation. Among the custom-designed control capability is a load-monitoring and -sharing function which automatically starts one or more boosters when the lead unit approaches full load.


Custom-engineered cartridge separator is specially modified to fit under a 13′ ceiling and to accept the client’s standard trash receptacles. Other special features: explosion relief port, manual debridger, high level bindicator with air-operated, automatic slide gate.