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Unique Systems & Solutions

Spencer is your innovative partner for special products and system packages that offer custom convenience and capability

When you need more than a simple blower or exhauster, come to Spencer for world-class answers. Beyond standard products, we have established specific strengths in:

  • Customization – Designing and engineering equipment to client specifications with the flexibility to manufacture products using a variety of special materials.
  • Solutions – Proven aptitude and receptive attitude for solving customers’ air and gas handling problems, from simple to the most complex.
  • Single source reliability We accept responsibility for the integrated operation and control of Spencer systems, including all the air and gas handling equipment, monitoring devices, control panels and accessories we provide.
  • OEM partnerships Cooperative services to modify our equipment for your end products, with ongoing attention to assure smooth long-term relationships.
  • Experience – More than 100 years of success in developing solutions for thousands and thousands of challenging applications worldwide.

Spencer is already dealing with the increasing global concerns of energy and the environment, applying our design experience and engineering skills to new concepts that deliver very high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental benefits. In the course of this work, we have accepted challenges that are so difficult, there are sometimes no other qualified sources in the world.

Spencer has spent more than a century developing effective solutions and systems for air and gas handling. Some examples:


Corrosive, flammable and toxic gases

Difficult-to-handle gases such as sulfides, halogens, acids, flue and stack gases, cyanides and ammonia may require custom designed blowers, special metals, protective coatings and other provisions capable of:

  • Temperatures to 1100°F
  • Housing design pressures to 1000 PSIG
  • Inlet pressures to 300 PSIG
  • Differential pressures to 20 PSIG
  • High-efficiency or hermetic sealing



Spencer blower for potentially unstable acetylene gas has 250 PSIG blower housing, nonsparking internal components, nitrogen-purged control panel and triple-redundant blower protection devices, all prepiped, prewired and skid-mounted for convenience.


Landfill gas and digester gas boostersSpencer is a leader in this new technology that recovers potential environmental pollutants from anaerobic digesters and municipal landfills and turns them into valuable alternative energy sources.



Digester gas booster system, delivered as a complete module including controls, has all-stainless-steel components to withstand highly corrosive gas, plus an integral moisture separator to deliver drier, cleaner fuel.


Innovative “vacuum utility” systems

Spencer mobile and stationary vacuum systems have wide and customizable capabilities far beyond dirt pickup. They can collect recyclable or waste materials, hold down or pick up production-line components, scavenge fumes, remove solid and liquid spills, work with vacuum-assisted shop tools and clean up everything from shredded vegetables to gravel. The proper system for you may be a single user mobile vacuum unit, a multiple user skid-mounted package or a building-wide system complete with custom collectors, controls, tubing network and vacuum tools.



Large Spencer central vacuum system evacuates laser surgery smoke from hospital operating rooms using three multistage centrifugal vacuum producers, galvanized wet separator, secondary HEPA filter and vacuum tubing network.


Compact regenerative blowers

Spencer’s Vortex® regenerative (side channel) blowers are especially suited for printing, food and chemical processing, metalworking, industrial waste treatment and aquaculture applications, where they offer compact size and reliability. For Original Equipment Market convenience, Spencer can make a variety of modifications: different surface treatments, inspection ports, alternative motors, custom labeling and various metals of construction—whatever it takes to make our blowers compatible elements of your products.



Vortex blowers for commercial vegetable washing equipment have special stainless steel bases, washdown motors and epoxy paint for cleanliness in this OEM food processing application.


Spencer’s problem-solving efforts are supported by:

  • In-depth engineering experience in selecting and utilizing high-performance metal alloys.
  • Internal programs to help customers meet higher pollution control standards, develop alternative energy sources and conserve energy.
  • Growing staff of mechanical and electrical field personnel to handle the increased demand for installation, startup and maintenance of complex systems.
  • Streamlined manufacturing processes which foster fast turnaround of customer orders.
  • Spencer R&D achievements in developing new product features and expanding product performance ranges to yield greater system capabilities.
  • Custom electrical control panels, planned and constructed by Spencer using dedicated in-house facilities for assembly, programming and testing.
  • Availability of in-house and field service for all Spencer products, strengthened by a global expansion of our service network and personnel.
  • Worldwide network of sales professionals who apply their lengthy field experience to developing practical systems and solutions for customers.

When you have problems that demand comprehensive solutions, you need a lot of help. You need Spencer.Send us an e-mail or give us a call. Spencer is your special source for special needs.