The Spencer Turbine Company has been creating innovative solutions for air and gas handling problems since 1892, when the company’s founder, Ira Hobart Spencer, invented a system to automatically pump pipe organs.

Today, we take this ingenuity as inspiration and apply an engineering edge to many of the world’s air handling problems, including those related to energy and the environment.

We work hard to help our customers reduce their environmental footprints by providing systems that operate safely and efficiently and keep the environment clean.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Energy-efficiency is an increasing concern for commercial businesses and consumers. Equipment that performs a quality job while consuming less power is ideal, whether you are trying to reduce an energy bill or take better care of the planet.

Spencer offers a range of efficient air-handling systems, including low-energy centrifugal blowers, energy-efficient gas boosters and more. We engineer our energy-efficient products, including the Power Mizer® blower, to conserve power using cast iron housings and other design elements.

In addition to low-energy equipment, Spencer also provides environmentally friendly natural gas boosters and other systems to the power generation sector. Our equipment is used in gas boosting, oil desulfurization, coal dust collection, nuclear safety systems and other processes that keep the power on for everyone.

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