Cleaning is a necessity of life for every business, no matter how small. That’s why Spencer has developed vacuum cleaning systems for commercial settings of every size. We have compact, mobile units for a single operator, up to permanently installed central systems and vacuum tubing networks that serve many operators in an entire facility.

Dependability counts big when you have additional system demands. For fume removal in welding shops, for wood dust and chip removal in cabinetmakers’ shops, for hair pickup in barbershops, salons and veterinary clinics, you need instant, continuous response every time you throw the switch.

Aeration and agitation are other major commercial application categories—adding air to water for various purposes in aquaculture ponds, spas, sewage systems and marinas, where Spencer blowers keep water moving around docked watercraft to prevent ice-ups in winter.

Spencer is also a force in commercial car care. Before Henry Ford made his first car, Spencer was building rugged, hard-working air handling equipment. And as the auto industry has grown, we’ve kept pace with specially designed, continuous-duty vacuum systems for car cleaning. The same Spencer systems can also tackle general vacuum cleaning jobs, improving environmental conditions for all office and shop employees.

Car Wash Vacuums

These systems are all alike in their endurance ratings.Spencer equipment is commercially sized but industrially rated. It can run continuously for as long as needed—hours, weeks or years at a time with little maintenance. With so many unit sizes, capacity ratings and operating features to choose from, Spencer representatives can help you specify the exact system you need.