Spencer is right at home in industry. Our central vacuum systems, centrifugal blowers, pneumatic conveying systems, regenerative blowers, air sampling equipment, wastewater aeration blowers, dust collection systems and high pressure blowers have different uses but identical traits. They are all designed to run for long periods under difficult operating conditions with little maintenance.

Chemical and petrochemical processes may pose combinations of problems in handling toxic, flammable, corrosive, hazardous, high pressure and high temperature gases. Spencer has the expertise – and interest – to tackle such nightmares with special blowers and gas pressure boosters. Our engineers use specialized alloys, custom coatings and surface treatments, extra-thick housing walls with corrosion allowances, non-sparking alloys and high-efficiency seals to conquer the worst possible conditions. We have developed effective solutions for situations that are so difficult, there are sometimes no other qualified sources anywhere in the world.

Typical WWTF (Waste Water Treatment Facilities) Blower Applications

MiningVentilation, flotation cells
Power generationFlue gas handling, natural gas boosting
PharmaceuticalDust collection, hazardous material collection
ManufacturingVacuum cleaning, high-velocity dust collection
ChemicalWaste gas disposal
PlasticsProcess air drying
ElectronicsCleanroom dust collection and cleaning
AerospaceTest stand air supply
Food processingSpill cleanup, recyclable materials collection
PetroleumProcess gas handling, desulfurization
Metal finishingPlating tank agitation
PrintingScrap collection
PetrochemicaCombustion air blowers
Primary metalsAir knife blowers