Municipal Water Aeration Systems

large total system for municipalities and governmentWith more than a century of service dedicated to supplying effective air and gas handling equipment, the Spencer Turbine Company offers total system solutions for municipal and governmental applications, including groundwater treatment, wastewater treatment, and methane gas recovery.

Municipal Water and Wastewater Aeration Systems

At Spencer Turbine, we offer more than just blowers for wastewater treatment facility usage. We provide you with a total system to solve your water and wastewater aeration needs. We design, layout, and install the most efficient package that will deliver the right amount of air at the lowest net energy cost. Municipalities can save tens of thousands of dollars each year with our systems that are process-optimized and technology-ready for the latest Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) and Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) concepts.aeration system designed in-house and build electrical control systems

Our total aeration system packages are typically comprised of energy-efficient multistage municipal centrifugal blowers, variable frequency drives, dissolved oxygen controls and in-house designed and built electrical control systems. With years of experience and after installing hundreds of systems worldwide, we can develop your entire system and accept responsibility for the integrated operation of all system components we provide.

Methane: Noxious Pollutant or Potent Energy Source?

Anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment plants create a gaseous byproduct that is typically 65 to 70 percent methane and 25 to 30 percent carbon dioxide — plus particulates, moisture, oils and trace amounts of hydrogen and nitrogen. On its own, this mixture is a serious pollutant. However, when it is put to use appropriately, it is also a powerful, inexpensive fuel for boilers, gas turbines, micro-turbines, sludge heaters, fuel cells, and auxiliary power.

To accomplish this, you first have to establish a stable supply of fuel at a boosted pressure. This is where our digester gas boosters are especially effective. Our equipment is so good at this procedure, we have seen engineering specifications that read: “Sludge gas booster blowers shall be The Spencer Turbine Company, Model GH or equal. The Engineer knows of no equal.”