Flour-Processor Cleans Up with Spencer’s Industravac Central Vacuum Systems

The Spencer Turbine Company provides a complete line of Central Vacuum Systems (CVS) for all types of food-processing applications, and one client – a major flour-processing and baking-supply company – has found that an Industravac® CVS makes cleaning easier, more convenient, and even more profitable.

Founded in 1790, when America’s first president was elected, the upstate Vermont-based client is the country’s oldest flour company. It now operates out of a complex of facilities where it makes, processes, and packages a variety of bakery goods, mixes, and flour.

Spencer’s Industravac is being used by employees in the company’s Grain Room, where ingredients for muffin mixes, scones, pizza dough, and other products are blended, packaged, and then warehoused for distribution to retailers or sale through its website. The integrated vacuum system, with vacuum producer, separator and motor all mounted on a common skid for installation convenience, collects and conveys material through a tubing network. The network feeds to the Industravac unit installed in a room adjacent to the packaging area. The vacuumed material collects into an easy-empty removable can. Installing the Industravac unit in a remote location enhances both safety and cleanliness.

And with convenient hose connections located around the client’s work area – along with proven engineering in the equipment design and its features – the system is ideal for low maintenance, continuous-duty operation. It saves time and labor over other types of systems the client had been using to clean its plant.

woman cleaning up with vacuum
Convenient clean up. Between shifts, employees clean debris from the floor and around equipment by connecting vacuum hoses and tools to inlet valves located in the Grain Room. The vacuumed material is
transported through a tubing system to the
Industravac located in an adjacent room where the vacuumed material is collected.

Spencer designed the system to be used by two operators at one time and also customized it with a static grounded galvanized steel tubing network that includes four ‘drops’ inside the Grain Room. The drops are located conveniently to make it easier to hook up the hose and tools and clean debris that has settled on the floor or around equipment. Natural cotton-twill filter bags were also selected to deal with the extreme fineness of particle size that is inherent to flour processing.

The Industravac CVS also has explosion-proof (XP) design features that help the client deal with the potential for explosion. This is an unlikely occurrence, but it is a hazard that can be associated with flour processing, and the system’s explosion relief vent is ducted to the outside of the building. This way, should there ever be a deflagration, it will be vented safely outside the building. The relief bung’s connection to the outside is specially designed to contain a deflagration, and it is insulated for sound abatement and vibration dampening.

Spencer’s unique design capabilities specifically help to safely mitigate the explosion hazards associated with flour processing. The system is static resistant, as static charge is a potential ignition source of an explosion whenever flour and other baking ingredients are blended and packaged. Grounded hoses, grounded zinc-galvanized steel tubing, and grounded filter bags help to eliminate static electric charges associated with high-velocity industrial vacuum cleaning systems.

employee operating explosion proof features
Explosion proof. Special explosion-proof features, including grounded filter bags and a relief vent safely ducted to the outside, make the Spencer Industravac® a natural for flour-processing operations.

As the Industravac makes the job of cleaning up easier, the client has found additional uses for the Spencer system – including vacuum cleaning dust collection system filters so that they do not have to be replaced as often. This provides additional savings against the client’s operating budget, according to the plant manager.

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