New GasCube® 21 VS Natural Gas Booster Package with VFD Helps Reduce Energy Consumption

The Spencer Turbine Company introduces the ideal equipment solution to help boost natural gas pressure from the street while reducing energy consumption. The latest in the Spencer GasCube® product family – the GasCube 21 VS Series – utilizes Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control the speed of the motor and slow it down or increase it to optimize energy use. With the GasCube 21 VS Series, the VFD can reduce motor energy consumption by as much as 68%.

Spencer’s GasCube product family incorporates the company’s technical experience and proven innovation in boosting natural gas where inlet pressures fluctuate but a constant discharge is required. The GasCube  Series skid packages are engineered, factory assembled and tested before shipping. The skid arrives at the site prewired, prepiped, and factory tested. The product can be shipped with short lead times to meet tight deadlines.

This new addition to the product family is the ideal natural gas booster solution in schools, restaurants, stores, apartment and office buildings, medical buildings and similar installations. It is specifically designed so that it can be maneuvered through narrow alleys, doorways and corridors. It is only 28″ wide x 48″ long x 66″ high, weighs approximately 750 lbs., and can easily be moved with a pallet jack.

Product features include Spencer’s UL Listed hermetic gas booster with volume up to 12,000 icfh; differential pressure to 9 InWC; single-stage centrifugal design; and standard overhung construction. The leak-tight hermetic housing provides a continuous flow of natural gas around the ½ hp UL Listed explosion-proof motor for cooling that extends life.

Spencer’s local sales representatives and in-house sales and engineering groups are always available to provide technical expertise and to assist our customers with product selection and design. They are also available to be on-site to assist with startup.

To consult with a Spencer representative on natural gas booster needs, call 800-232-4321 or visit

About The Spencer Turbine Company

Since Ira Spencer invented his first air handling products in 1892, The Spencer Turbine Company has specialized in bringing a unique Engineering Edge to the most extreme air and gas handling challenges. Today, Spencer is a recognized global leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing highly specialized blowers, gas boosters, and central vacuum systems that meet rigorous, long-life specifications for the world’s most critical industrial, municipal and commercial applications. Headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, USA, Spencer markets and services its custom air and gas handling equipment worldwide. For more information, visit

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