Spencer Central Vacuum Systems Improve IAQ in Schools

Spencer Central Vacuum Systems Improve Indoor Air Quality to Protect Student Health

Central vacuum systems for schools, available from The Spencer Turbine Company, can provide intensive cleaning power to reduce indoor air pollution and exposure to allergens. Spencer systems are custom-designed for each facility and permanently installed as a “vacuum utility” that can be used for broad-spectrum cleaning applications wherever dirt collects. Besides floor and surface cleaning, they can also be equipped for removing liquids spills in cafeterias and laboratories, and collecting dust or welding fumes in the industrial arts department.

Unlike janitorial vacs that are limited to intermittent operation, Spencer systems typically run continuously so they are constantly available for use. They are also vented to the outside, unlike janitorial vacs that exhaust fine particulate matter back into the room where it recontaminates the indoor atmosphere.

The main modules of a Spencer system, the vacuum producer and separators, are installed in a central location and connected to all points of use via a metal tubing network. Spencer offers comprehensive selections of tubing, hose, and fittings, along with vacuum attachments and tools for specialized, high-efficiency cleaning.

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