Spencer Debuts AyrJet™ High Speed, High Efficiency Turbo Blower at WEFTEC 2010

The Spencer Turbine Company unveiled the AyrJet™ — the long-awaited innovation in high speed, high-efficiency turbo blowers — at WEFTEC 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana, October 4-6. Spencer’s new product received a positive response from the Water Environment Federation’s conference and exhibition attendees.

The AyrJet™ by Spencer expands the line of innovative solutions from the industry leader, whose product lines include digester gas boosters and gas booster skid packages, fabricated centrifugal blowers, the Power Mizer® multistage cast centrifugal blower, custom control packages, and other specialized engineered and manufactured products. The American designed, manufactured and supported AyrJet™ is the ideal solution for the water and wastewater treatment industry, as well as applications in the gas and oil, air separation, and renewable energy markets, with flows to 9000 CFM and pressures up to 15 PSIG.

The AyrJet™ features a larger HP capacity that equals fewer blowers; maximum wire-toair efficiency; superior magnetic bearings; and a user-friendly PLC and OIT. The product includes time-tested magnetic bearing technology with high thrust load capability. It is reliable under extreme conditions, allows for unlimited starts and stops, and offers inherent “fail-safe” protection, lower starting torque, higher horsepower capacity, and superior vibration management. Benefits include efficient operation with significant energy savings; increased reliability; superior built-in inlet filtration; simplified, plug-and-play installation; minimal maintenance; oil-free air delivery; significant sound reduction; and a small footprint.

The AyrJet™ high speed, high-efficiency turbo blower provides performance in a compact design that is prewired and tested in a U.S. factory. In addition, Spencer provides full pre- and post-sale support through its U.S.-based headquarters. For more information, contact Spencer at 800-232-4321, ext. 210; email marketing@spencer-air.com, or check out spencerturbine.com.

About The Spencer Turbine Company

The Spencer Turbine Company is a privately held, U.S.-owned and -operated manufacturer and servicer of blowers and gas boosters, central vacuum systems, mobile vacuum units, separators and system accessories. Based in Windsor, Connecticut, Spencer has applied a unique Engineering Edge since 1892 to create innovative solutions for air and gas handling problems. The company is a world leader in addressing wide-ranging energy and environmental solutions across industries and applications that include nuclear, coal, gas, electric and emerging technologies such as fuel cells and hydrogen systems. The company also provides solutions for digester gas and landfill gas recovery and utilization; barge vapor extraction; combustion air delivery; wastewater treatment aeration; soil remediation; emission control; flue gas desulfurization processes, vacuum cleaning for plant-wide cleanliness; and waste material reclamation and recycling.


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