Spencer Energy Watcher™ to be Featured at Car Care World Expo Orlando, Florida

The Energy Watcher, a product that saves car care customers money on their energy budgets, will be featured in Spencer’s booth at the Car Care World Expo in Orlando, Florida, April 8-10, 2008. The Energy Watcher electronic control monitors the use of a Spencer central vacuum system and reduces the vacuum producer’s speed when it senses low-use periods.

With the Energy Watcher, when the vacuum system is started, it automatically ramps up to full speed. When operators stop using the system, it senses the decreased power requirement and reduces the speed of the vacuum producer. As operators come back on-line, the system automatically ramps up again.

The Energy Watcher is recommended for all new car care vacuum system projects—car washes, car rental agencies and other operations—where energy costs are at a premium. Existing installations can be retrofitted for the Energy Watcher. To save even more energy dollars, Spencer recommends using the Energy Watcher in conjunction with a Premium Efficient Motor.

Features of the Energy Watcher control are:

  • Digital programmable logic controller provides ease in selecting system functions
  • Local keypad or remote start/stop pushbuttons operate system (replaces the motor starter).
  • Convenient keypad for easy adjustment of systems parameters; high-speed and low-speed, timing, and acceleration/deceleration time, etc.
  • Keypad access for selecting manual or automatic speed control.
  • Capability to program local kW costs; displays actual machine energy costs.
  • Cost-effective control package.

For Energy Watcher cost-savings details please email marketing@spencer-air.com or visit Spencer Booth 749 at Car Care World Expo, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida and receive a firsthand demonstration.


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