Spencer Bag-In/Bag-Out Separators Reduce Filter Change-Outs and Toxic Material Exposure

The Spencer Turbine Company has developed a Bag-In/Bag-Out Separator to collect toxic, carcinogenic, reactive, biological and similar hazardous materials. Filter cartridges are inserted and removed without direct worker contact with contaminants. Typical applications are in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, where the separators are used in central vacuum systems providing dust collection and vacuum cleaning services.

Filter changes are made through access doors equipped with inner vacuum seals and protective change-out bags with integral gloves. Both clean and contaminated cartridges are handled through the change-out bags  (“bag-in/bag-out”). This separator also features Spencer’s Jet-Clean cartridge cleaning, which reduces the frequency of filter replacements. The cartridges are periodically cleaned with pulses of compressed air without taking the filters off-line or interrupting the filtration. This automated, in-place cleaning reduces the filter change-out frequency.

All bag-in/bag-out systems are custom-engineered and sized to suit their applications and customer preferences. In a typical arrangement, collected materials accumulate in a material storage hopper at the bottom of the separator, emptying through a knife gate discharge valve and Hazmat drum cover into a 55-gallon drum.

According to Spencer, this new separator protects the environment by providing an approved technique for collecting hazardous materials. It also aids compliance with OSHA regulations by minimizing personnel exposure to toxins. Sealed plastic bags facilitate cartridge removal and replacement without direct contact.

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