The precise and energy-efficient movement of air and gases is a requirement of a wide variety of applications, including functions related to industrial, institutional, commercial and municipal services. As such, multistage fabricated centrifugal blowers are crucial pieces of equipment that organizations count on to perform well from the moment they’re installed.
When you choose Spencer Turbine over other multistage fabricated centrifugal blower manufacturers, you get our superior level of engineering and experience that has been refined during more than a century of designing and manufacturing industry-leading blowers.

Spencer Blowers: Multiple Applications With Maximum Benefits

Following one of our three basic designs — SOH for standard performance, 4BOH for higher performance and 4BOB for the highest performance — our blowers can handle applications ranging from gas compression for the petrochemical industry to round-the-clock aeration for municipal water treatment systems. Also, our blowers help everything from commercial enterprises to hospitals run their central vacuum cleaning and air-quality control systems with confidence.

What is most reassuring is that along with our trusted multistage blowers, we supply you with outstanding customer service. Our Spencer representatives are trained to listen to your needs and make recommendations that are always in your best interest.