The housing of this standard overhung multistage centrifugal blower shows one of the earliest Spencer trademarks, the curved “sugar scoop” housing contour.

The Spencer Turbine Company was built on the foundation of these three standard products: standard overhung (SOH), four bearing overhung (4BOH) and four bearing outboard (4BOB) fabricated multistage machines, which can operate as blowers or vacuum producers. Their longevity is your assurance of historically proven products and performance-tested technology.

Our SOH and 4BOH machines proudly carry our trademarked “sugar scoop” housing profile. These are among Spencer’s oldest products, so the sugar scoop profile is your visual assurance of genuine Spencer quality that has endured for more than a century.

These blowers are designed with wide internal clearances between moving and stationary parts – never less than 1/8″ and usually more. Virtually all internal wear is eliminated so the operating efficiency of each blower is constant for its working life. This simple provision is one reason that Spencer blowers have been known to operate 35 years or more with little maintenance beyond lubrication.

Our focus here is standard designs, but bear in mind that these standards can have custom metals of construction and other non-standard features as you need them. Instead of using electric motors, 4BOH and 4BOB blowers can be furnished with a steam turbine or diesel, propane or gasoline engine drivers. Gear drive or belt drive can be utilized for 50 Hz projects. Blowers can also be shipped with electrical panels that Spencer has designed and built to your order. We will do everything it takes to turn our standards into your specials.