Single stage regenerative blowers are workhorses in many industrial, commercial, municipal, and institutional settings that require efficient air and/or gas movement. With a high degree of application flexibility plus a low level of noise and heat production, regenerative single stage blowers are prized for their ability to move large quantities of air in a non-positive displacement fashion.

Instead of using positive displacement to force the movement of air, a regenerative blower relies on the simplicity of its design to move air over its rotating blades and out through its exit port. Typically small and requiring little maintenance, this style of blower is widely used in settings that need a consistent rate of air flow to remove contaminants like smoke, vapors, and dust.

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Spencer-Made Vortex® Regenerative Blowers

At Spencer Turbine, our Vortex regenerative — side channel — blowers are 100 percent American-made with the exclusive use of U.S.-made components. Additionally, to ensure their quality and performance, we manufacture all of our Vortex regenerative blowers in our 200,000-square-foot headquarters in Windsor, Connecticut, where they are also rigorously tested and readied for immediate shipment.

When you choose Spencer Turbine, you get access to our network and products that are the result of over a century’s worth of specialized air and gas handling experience. With direct sales offices, manufacturers’ representatives and stocking distributors across North America — along with independent representatives in many countries across the globe — you get more than a great product with the Spencer Turbine Company. You get unmatched assistance, advice, and attention from our technically knowledgeable customer service representatives.

For in-depth technical support regarding blower sizing, multi-blower purchasing for OEM equipment and any special or customized needs, simply fill out our request for assistance form. Remember that each of our Spencer representatives is trained to listen to your needs and will only make recommendations in your best interest.