Spencer can supply a wide array of air and gas handling options and integrate them with the primary Spencer equipment into a smoothly functioning system. The best way to approach this topic is methodically, thinking first about your application and its needs.

Here are some questions relating to application characteristics, your preferences and other factors for your evaluation.

Application-Related Questions

What is the involved process?
What are the gas characteristics? Is it hazardous, toxic, explosive, carcinogenic, flammable, corrosive or radioactive?
How much leakage is permissible, in and out of the blower?
What is the desired life expectancy of the blower?
What is the blower budget?
What are the ambient environmental conditions around the blower?
Are there any applicable regulatory codes?
Are there any special blower testing requirements?
What accessory equipment and options do you want?
Will you need electrical controls?
Do you want a specific type of coupling between motor and blower?
Do you need special drive arrangements such as belt drive, variable frequency drive or an alternative driver such as a diesel engine?
For hermetic gas boosters, is the process gas compatible with the motor? Is the temperature low enough and the volume high enough to cool the motor?