Spencer solves air and gas handling challenges that are so difficult, sometimes the only alternative to our involvement is to change the process. When you don’t have that option, Spencer capabilities and ourEngineering Edge are your best resources. High-performance blowers and gas boosters can be built to handle corrosive and toxic sulfides, halogens, acids, flue and stack gases, cyanides and ammonia. Maximum parameters include temperatures to 1100°F, housing design pressures to 1000 PSIG, operating pressures to 300 PSIG.

We create cost-effective designs that meet your performance needs without overkill. For example, if you have a process involving corrosive gases or fumes that attack carbon steel or cast iron, we have several ways to protect blower components in the gas stream. We might recommend a special coating for those components, substitution of a special material such as 316L stainless steel, or use of an extra-thick standard metal with a designed-in corrosion allowance.