The Pressure You Need and the Peace of Mind You Want

Our compact GasCube® natural gas booster skid package includes our latest innovation — the GasCube® VS Series. Along with boosting utility natural gas street-pressure levels, the GasCube® VS Series also monitors volume and varies its motor speed to keep discharge pressure constant while reducing power consumption. It is the ideal natural gas booster solution when inlet pressures fluctuate and a constant discharge is required.

The GasCube® with UPS ensures optimum natural gas discharge pressure for an upscale private residence in Washington, D.C., where the homeowner hosts social events from cozy dinners to charity and political fundraisers as well as star-studded extravaganzas-downtime is not on the menu.

Using variable speed (VS) drive technology, the GasCube® VS Series monitors volume from the street. It boosts pressure and keeps it constant — all while saving as much as 68 percent on energy consumption.

In mission-critical installations such as in medical facilities, police stations, firehouses, and other locations, downtime is not an option. For these applications, we offer the GasCube® natural gas booster skid package with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) that provides instant protection from a momentary power interruption. If the power goes out, the UPS ensures the blower motor remains on, so the gas pressure does not drop before the auxiliary power supply activates.