Hermetic Natural Gas Boosters and Skid Packages

The popularity of natural gas as a fuel source is on the rise due to its cost, availability and smaller environmental impact compared to coal or oil. However, many areas struggle with low street-level gas volume brought on by an aging infrastructure and the need to pipe gas in from a distance. As such, it’s challenging to use natural gas — even when there’s a preference for it.

Spencer Natural Gas Boosters: Solving Street-Level Pressure Issues

At the Spencer Turbine Company, we have been in the business of providing commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal settings with innovative air and gas handling solutions for well over a century. Our multistage natural gas boosters and skid packages are the ideal solutions for schools, apartments, condominiums, retail shops, museums, arts complexes, healthcare facilities, office buildings, restaurants, sports arenas, and other venues where constant discharge pressure is needed for buildings’ HVAC systems.

Spencer’s multistage centrifugal blower design with unique leaktight hermetic casing design provides a continuous flow of natural gas around the explosion-proof motor for cooling that extends life.

In 1975, we introduced the first hermetically sealed natural gas booster. Since then, we have led the industry with a range of UL Listed natural gas booster designs that use our standard overhung blower design and multiple, spark-resistant aluminum alloy impellers mounted directly onto heavy-duty extended motor shafts.

Today, we offer a broad range of natural gas booster equipment solutions, including our High Capacity Series — a multistage centrifugal design with volume to 240,000 ICFH and pressure to 83″ WC. Plus, we feature a Low Capacity Series — a single stage centrifugal design volume to 12,000 ICFH pressure to 9″ WC.

For further convenience and ease of use, we also provide blowers in easy-to-install natural gas booster skid packages that are pre-engineered and pre-piped. With control panels and all connections included, our skid packages are fully ready to be hooked up to field power and gas lines.

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