Vast selections of accessory items and replacement parts are available for your Spencer equipment. Many accessories are designed for installation at the Spencer factory before delivery; others can be added after the sale at your location. Please also check the information at Replacement Parts, Blower Options & Accessories,Car Care Options & Accessories, Separator Options & Accessories and Electrical Controls for other options and accessories.

Blower and Vacuum System Accessories

Monitoring Equipment

  • Vibration measurement devices
  • Bearing temperature devices
  • Calibrated ammeter indicates airflow

Protection Equipment

  • Blastgates, manual and motorized
  • Bearing temperature devices
  • Inlet air filter/silencer
  • Spring vibration bases and snubbers provide earthquake and vibration protection
  • HEPA filter
  • Sound wrap material
  • Sound curtains
  • Motor silencers
  • Weather cap for blower inlet or vacuum producer outlet