Electrical Control Systems for Air and Gas Handling Systems

woman at computer performing sequencing of air and gas handling systems
Programming of control software at Spencer is performed by engineers familiar with efficient sequencing of air and gas handling systems.

Control technology is one of our core competencies, a major Engineering Edge for Spencer. Our System Design & Control Engineering Department has its own electrical, application and design engineers whose professional responsibility is to apply advanced control concepts to client projects. They are also skilled at software programming for our equipment and integrating our controls with your central SCADA systems, working with your engineers or consultants.

We create 100% of our control systems in-house. From simple installations of single and multistage blowers up to complex systems, our application-tailored control systems can help your Spencer equipment operate at peak productivity and cost-effectiveness. When you order everything from Spencer, your control panel will be shipped with the total equipment package, prewired if needed and ready for on-site hookup. We accept responsibility for satisfactory on-the-job operation of all system elements that we supply.

two men standing in front of electrical control systemSet points being established for bypass operation and system sequencing of multiple gas boosters. Load monitoring function automatically starts a backup machine when the lead machine approaches full load.

Spencer controls can include alarm and shutdown capabilities if a machine or process cannot be maintained within established parameters. Optional safety features such as vibration, bearing temperature and low flow monitors can alert personnel to dangerous situations such as material accumulation, heat buildup, low bearing lubricant or a gas flow obstruction. For vacuum systems, you can be notified of dirty or broken filters and full collectors. Controls can also operate various types of material discharge devices.

electrical engineer conducting control training
Spencer electrical engineer conducts onsite control training during system startup.

Other available features include UL and CUL Listed control panels along with NEMA enclosures 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 7, 9 and 12. Purged panels may also be specified for NFPA compliance in hazardous locations.

Bulletin CP-100, Spencer Electrical Control Systems.