Metallic Tubing and Fittings for Air Handling

When you are in the market for durable tubing for air handling systems, the Spencer Turbine Company is your one-stop supplier of all the tubing and fittings you could need. We either have what you are looking for in stock, or we can manufacture special orders in a timely fashion at our 200,000 square foot facility in Windsor, Connecticut.

After more than a century providing industrial, municipal, commercial and institutional facilities with air and gas handling solutions, we know how to make affordable, reliable and durable metallic tubing for central vacuums. Most importantly, as a full system manufacturer and integrator, we’re uniquely positioned to supply you with the right parts and professional advice you need to keep your facility’s central vacuum and air handling systems in top operational shape.

Metallic Tubing for Air Handling Systems

Spencer tubing and fittings are available in many diameters and gauges, ready for quick shipment from stock.

With our focus on providing innovative air and gas handling equipment, you can trust us to be your comprehensive source for light gauge metallic tubing and all companion fittings. Supported by our full line of standard and custom-made products, the process of laying out and establishing an entire network for central vacuum cleaning, pneumatic conveying, low-pressure air handling, and material handling systems has never been easier or more convenient.

Our tubing and fittings are available in a wide assortment of diameters and gauges. Plus, when you select in-stock parts from our large inventory, they are always ready for quick shipment.

Our metallic tubing products are lightweight and strong. Also, they are a more economical choice than steel pipe or pipe fittings, and more durable than PVC or other plastic tubing. As an added benefit, you never have to worry about static electricity buildup.

Available in diameters from 2-1/8″ to 14″, our metallic tubing products are made of carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum. For availability of special tubing and fittings — as well as diameters and material gauges — contact us today.