For well over a century, Spencer Turbine’s Orgoblo blowers have been used in thousands of small and large pipe and reed organs across the world—including Philadelphia’s 10,000-pipe Wanamaker Organ (originally built for the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair), Salt Lake City’s breathtaking 11,623-pipe Mormon Tabernacle organ, and the 7,000-pipe Casavant Frères pipe organ in Montreal’s Notre Dame Cathedral.

The hard-working Orgoblo creates a smooth and steady air supply pumped through a complex set of bellows – replacing the human physical labor originally required. This blower was originally conceptualized by company founder, Ira Spencer, who had a personal passion for the pipe organ at his own church.

Multisized Blowers

The efficient Spencer Orgoblo blower is exceptionally quiet and offers a level of accuracy and control for the best performance. It can be installed using various pipe sizes from 6-24 inches that are adapted for suction or pressure to provide required volume of air.  Motor size ranges up to 100 hp can be accommodated. These reliable blowers are tested for load, noise, vibration and assurance.

The Spencer Orgoblo Junior, which comes is five different sizes ranging from 1/6 – ½ hp, was designed for smaller pipe organs, portable organs and reed organs used for voicing jacks, vacuum-action consoles or practice instruments.