When you select a Spencer car care central vacuum system for your operation, we’ll help you round out that system with auxiliary equipment such as valves, gauges, couplings, metallic tubing lines, Energy Watcher ™ controls, tool hangers and other components. A Spencer representative who specializes in this field will work with you, learn your needs and develop a system with all the right features.

Professional Spencer assistance is also available during installation and startup, and whenever you need it during operation. To review the Spencer optional equipment and some typical setups, get a copy of Car Care System Options & Accessories.

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Valuable Car Care System Options

Gasoline Island Location

The vacuum unit can be installed on a gasoline island by using an explosion-proof motor, grounded hose, grounded filter bags and a metallic tubing system, all available from Spencer.

Island Adapter Kit

Special 90° elbow fits the primary inlet on the separator and “turns the corner” tightly to allow mounting of the vacuum unit on 42″ wide island without extending over sides.

WaterTrap® Liquid Collector

This sits on top of a 30-gal. or 55-gal. drum to collect shampoo suds, winter slush and liquid residues before they can make a muddy mess or harden into “concrete” in the dry vacuum system.