Big Vacuum Cleaning Power for Car Care

Spencer isn’t really older than dirt. No, dirt came first, then Spencer came right behind to get rid of it. We were making powerful vacuum cleaners before Henry Ford made his first car. Our first vacuum cleaning system used for car cleaning dates to 1905.

We’ve kept pace with the aggressive growth of the auto industry ever since, introducing car care vacuum systems of all sizes, whether you’re vacuuming vehicles at a carwash, cleaning a rental fleet, maintaining a municipal transit system, detailing cars or prepping cars for auction.

Our continuous-duty, industrially rated industrial auto vacuum equipment and vacuums for car rentals is ideal for this work. Spencer systems just run and run. And then run some more, sucking up winter slush, gum, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, loose change, stones and muck. Plus we have ways of collecting body filler sanding dust, carwash shampoo suds, brake dust and broken glass. When you get serious, get Spencer.

System Design and Selection Assistance

With Spencer, you get a total system approach including professional services before and after the sale. A Spencer representative who specializes in the car care field can help you lay out a system and choose the right vacuum equipment, accessories, vacuum tubing and controls to create a total package of cleaning power.

Professional Spencer assistance is also available at the time of installation and startup, and whenever you need it during years of operation.

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Equipment Designed for Heavy-Duty Car Cleaning

Spencer offers a wide range of equipment sizes and accessories to make small work out of big jobs.