Spencer custom central vacuum systems are custom – designed for each facility with a centrally located vacuum producer and dirt separator or material collector connected to a metallic vacuum tubing network. They extend “vacuum power” throughout operations of any size, providing intense cleaning power and a lot more – fume removal, liquid spill pickup, hazardous and recyclable goods collection, bulk material conveying, vacuum hold-down or pickup, etc.

To ensure that your industrial commercial vacuum system is planned and sized correctly, with all the service features you want, here are some factors to consider. What types of applications do you have? Cleaning only? Any other tasks? What is the maximum number of simultaneoussystem users? For vacuum cleaning, what hose diameter and length will be best, based on your floor plan? (Standard hoses are 1-1/2″ or 2″ diameter and up to 50′ long.…or even longer if needed.)