From the days of the first Spencer vacuum cleaning system in 1905, we have been developing high-efficiency vacuum system components. Using this experience, selected vacuum producers have been matched with filter separators and mounted on a common base under the product name, Spencer Industravac® self-contained vacuum systems.

Industravac® Series B stationary model.

The Industravac family of stationary and mobile vacuum cleaning units starts with the FastVac® and Industravac® V models for one or two users each, then expands into larger systems of the Industravac A, B, C and D series, which can accommodate up to 16 simultaneous operators.

The standardized FastVac and Industravac lines present cost-effective alternatives to custom-engineered central systems, offering the benefits of pre-engineered, highly integrated designs. You are assured of application-matched performance from correctly sized, compatible and proven components. Within the standard model selection, there are varying features such as filter bag or filter cartridge separators, bottom exhausts for outdoor use and multistage or regenerative vacuum producers.