Special Designs in Self-Contained Vacuum Systems

To create custom vacuum cleaning systems, Spencer starts with your task: whatever it is you need to accomplish. Then we apply our Engineering Edge to create a practical, integrated solution. The result may be a small mobile system with frame-mounted Vortex® regenerative vacuum producer and collector, an Industravac® vacuum cleaning system with a Power Mizer® replacement vacuum producer, or a multi-ton, skid-mounted system moved by a shipyard crane. Or it could be anything in between that has specialized features for collecting unusual materials, fitting into restricted space, processing large volumes of material, operating in hostile environments, discharging collected materials, using alternative power sources, etc.

The examples here don’t define what we can do for you; they simply hint at what is possible. Use them to stimulate your own ideas. Also check our Accessories & Parts page for the dozens of optional and accessory items that are available for integration into your custom system. If you’re wondering whether we will be able to implement your concepts or not, always assume the answer is yes!