Organizations regularly call on central and stand-alone vacuum systems to do some heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning spaces and equipment found in industrial, institutional, commercial and municipal settings. To protect your investment in an industrial vacuum system and allow for maximum convenience and performance while it is in use, it is often wise to take advantage of specialized separators — such as centrifugal vacuum separators.

In their most basic form, industrial vacuum separators can be described as purpose-built containers that are strategically placed somewhere between the vacuum producer and the vacuum point. To protect the overall vacuum system and increase its performance, separators — like industrial vacuum dust collectors — efficiently collect materials such as fine powders, dust and other forms of debris before they have the chance to clog or damage vacuum filters and components.

At the Spencer Turbine Company, we’ve been providing businesses with innovative vacuum systems and solutions for well over a century. In that time, we’ve developed a full range of vacuum separators designed for almost any vacuuming application you can think of. From separators that can remove abrasive materials before they hit a vacuum’s filter to wet separators capable of removing liquids from a vacuum’s air stream, we have the equipment you need to work safely and productively.