Filtration Separators

Tubular filter bag separators are the most prevalent type of filtration separators. Standard models have sock-like inverted filter bags that are cleaned after system shutdown. (For in-progress cleaning, see Jet-Clean® filter separators below.)

A properly sized filter bag separator downstream from a centrifugal type traps over 99% of the remaining solids, even with difficult powdered materials such as toner powder and paint pigments. A great virtue of Spencer filter bags is the broad selection of bag materials, including cotton sateen weave, cotton twill weave, polyester, nylon, polypropylene PTFE membrane over polyester and Nomex®. Also, various fabric finishes and static electricity reduction types are available. It’s important to offer many fabric choices because there is no such thing as “standard dirt.”

The selection of filter media and filtration methods can be extremely demanding, involving hundreds of variables, but with Spencer’s fabric choices andEngineering Edge, it’s easy to get the required filtration performance or chemical resistance. For example, acid fumes that attack polyester do not degrade polypropylene. Water vapor levels that make filtration difficult with cotton media do not affect synthetics like polyester.