Term Definition
4BOB Four-Bearing Outboard centrifugal blower design with impellers mounted on shaft supported by two bearing brackets at each end of the machine housing
4BOH Four-Bearing Overhung centrifugal blower design with impellers mounted on overhung shaft supported by two-bearing cast iron bracket
Aeration Blower process of forcing air bubbles into a pool of liquid
Air Bleed Introduction of air into a centrifugal machine to prevent surge
Air Gate Guillotine style on/off valve
ARRIS Abrasion-Resistant Removable Inlet Section. An option for Spencer separators used when collecting abrasive materials such as sand, glass, metal, fiberglass, circuit board dust
AyrJet® Registered trademark for Spencer’s High Efficiency, High Speed Turbo Blower
Bag-In/Bag-Out Cartridge filter separator for hazardous materials. Cartridges are inserted and removed via plastic bags to minimize worker exposure to collected dust
Bag Shaker Separator accessory that allows filter bags to be shaken clean after shutdown. Can be manual or motor operated
Ball Float Shutoff Liquid separator device that cuts off vacuum and airflow if liquid level exceeds collector capacity
Blast Gate Butterfly valve that limits air passing through a blower or vacuum producer to prevent overload
Cams and Lever Mechanism that raises and lowers a separator dirt can
CFM A non-scientific measurement denoting cubic feet per minute
Chic Hose Spencer lightweight, wire-reinforced vacuum cleaner hose
Cork Pads Rectangular pads supplied with Spencer fabricated machines, used under the machine feet as a leveling aid
Debridger Separator accessory for unclogging a hopper during discharge
Deflector Stationary circular fabrication with vanes mounted between rotating impellers to direct air from the tip of one blower impeller to center of the next rotating impeller
Dirt Can Liner Heavy-gauge polyethylene bag for Spencer removable dirt cans. Facilitates removal of collected material
DO Controls Dissolved Oxygen system that regulates air introduction into a wastewater basin by monitoring the oxygen content
Double Mechanical Seal Non-contacting seal used with purge gas to greatly minimize detectable leakage in a multistage centrifugal blower where the rotating shaft enters or leaves the housing
E Valve Vacuum system inlet valve used for exposed tubing systems
EMBC Electronic Modulating Bleed Control. Allows a blower to bleed off excess air or a vacuum producer to ingest air to avoid surge
Energy Watcher® Monitors CarVac™ vacuum system use and automatically reduces speed during slow periods and ramps up during high period use.
Equalizing Line A Spencer option for separators with removable dirt can (RDC). Allows use of plastic bag liner by equalizing vacuum above and below the collection bag
Exhauster A blower being used as a vacuum producer
Explosion relief bung Separator accessory that vents excess pressure caused by an explosion
Fan Rotating impeller inside a blower or single stage scroll blower with motor
FastVac® Registered Trademark for a Spencer line of mobile and stationary vacuum units.
Filter socks Cylindrical, fabric filter bags with one sealed end
Flapper Vacuum inlet valve with self-closing cover used to connect vacuum cleaning hose to tubing system
Flexible Coupling Connection between drive motor and blower/vacuum producer; must be aligned at job site to assure vibration-free operation
Flexible Joint Rubber inlet sleeve that isolates a vacuum producer or blower from a tubing/piping system
Fluidized Bed A blower process involving aeration of a bed of powdered material causing it to exhibit fluid properties
GasCube® Registered Trademark for Spencer’s Natural Gas Booster Skid Packages
Gland Exhauster Blower used to vacuum escaping steam from a rotating shaft
Gulper Tool Large diameter tool used to vacuum up large quantities of material, sometimes mixed with air for aeration purposes
Hastelloy® Highly durable material used to fabricate multistage blowers with properties exceeding stainless steel
Heresite® Highly durable coating that protects internal blower parts from corrosion
Housing Drain Optional device for centrifugal blowers; allows liquids to drain from machine. One drain supplied for each stage
Hermetic A blower design with the motor sealed inside the housing. The Spencer UL Listed Natural Gas Booster is a hermetic design
ICFM Inlet Cubic Feet Per Minute. Air volume measured at the inlet to a blower or vacuum producer. Depending upon altitude/barometric pressure, temperature and humidity, the air density will vary from SFCM conditions
Immersion Separator Specially designed separator in which air and materials are filtered through a water reservoir
Impeller Rotating, air moving component inside a centrifugal blower, usually made of aluminum
Inches Hg Units of vacuum measurement by a mercury manometer. One inch of mercury vacuum equals 13.59″ water column vacuum
Inches WC Units of vacuum measurement by a water manometer. 13.59″ water column vacuum equals 1.0″ Hg
Industravac® Registered trademark for Spencer self-contained stationary and mobile vacuum cleaning systems
Isomode Pads Cushioning squares of synthetic material normally supplied for use under Industravac units in lieu of cork pads
Jet-Clean® Registered trademark for Spencer’s jet pulse separator
Jet Pulse A term describing cleaning separator filter bags or cartridges with timed pulses of compressed air
Manifold A arrangement of tubes or pipes which distributes air or gas to multiple ports
Organ Blower Blower supplying air for pipe organs
Orgoblo Spencer centrifugal blower supplying air for pipe organs
Peak To Peak A measurement indicating vibration or whipping of a rotating shaft, measured in mils. Spencer blowers vibrate less than 1.5 mils peak to peak at 3,500 RPM
Power Mizer® Registered Trademark for Spencer cast centrifugal blowers.
PSIA Pounds per Square Inch Absolute. Pressure measurement in reference to nominal sea level atmospheric pressure of 14.7 PSIA. A blower producing an outlet pressure of 17.7 PSIA at sea level is creating a differential of 3 PSI
PSIG Pound per Square Inch Gauge. A measurement of the pressure differential a blower can produce. A blower produces 5.7 PSIG at sea level and an inlet temperature of 70°F
Python Hose Spencer vinyl, wire-reinforced vacuum cleaning hose with smooth surfaces inside and out
Radial Inlet A blower or separator inlet with the centerline of the intake tube in line with the centerline of the cylindrical machine
RDC Removable Dirt Can, available up to 7-1/2 cubic feet/55 gallons for Spencer separators
Return Channel See Deflector
Rhino Hose Spencer rubber, wire-reinforced vacuum cleaning hose
RTD Resistance Temperature Device, an accessory usually mounted on a blower to monitor the bearing temperature
RTV Room Temperature Vulcanizing. Refers to a specialized caulk used between separator sections in lieu of gaskets
SCFM Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute. Air volume measured at 68° F at barometric pressure of 29.92 (sea level) and 36% relative humidity.  Air weight is .075 pounds per cubic foot
Shrink Sleeve Heat shrinkable sleeve used to seal joints in tubing systems
SOH Standard overhung design of centrifugal blowers with impellers mounted on the motor shaft
Stuffing Box Older seal type used to reduce leakage in a fabricated blower where a rotating shaft passes through the housing
Surge Potentially destructive phenomenon that occurs during low airflow conditions through a centrifugal blower or vacuum producer, noted by a churning or pulsing sensation
Tangential Inlet Separator inlet which joins the separator body on a tangent. Promotes centrifugal airflow and rapid material separation
Top Drum® Registered Trademark for a line of Spencer separator.
Top Hat® Separator Trademarked Spencer centrifugal separator, installed on a 55-gallon drum to collect debris before a primary separator
Tufflex Hose Spencer flexible, easy-to-handle hose used for general vacuum cleaning
V-Jet™ Trademark for a line of Spencer Industravac® vacuum systems
Vacometer A Spencer flow measurement device, also known as Globe Vacometer, consisting of a globe with inlet valve connector, adjustable orifice plate and vacuum gauge. Used to measure vacuum and flow through a given orifice to verify vacuum system performance
Vellumoid A wood-fiber-based gasketing material used between mating metal parts
Vortex® Registered Trademark for Spencer’s line of regenerative (side channel) blowers.
Water Leg Separator accessory that allows liquid to drain from a wet collector without a pump
Water Trap® Registered Trademark for Spencer’s special separator for the car care industry.
Wheel Rotating fan, fan blade or impeller inside machine housing
WWT Waste Water Treatment. A market that utilizes Spencer blowers and controls to aerate wastewater lagoons
XP Bung Explosion relief port that dissipates the force of an explosion within a separator