As our economy works to reopen and navigate new market dynamics, Spencer Turbine’s hard-working and cost-effective solutions are the industry standard for reliability and efficiency. Proudly Made-in-America, our team is here ready to serve your needs.

Industravac® Vacuum Units

These powerful, reliable and quiet vacuums maintain a clean operational environment for all employees and visitors. Each is fitted with efficient filters to capture even the finest levels of dust and air/water/chemical particles present in industrial work environments.

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Vortex® Regenerative Blowers

To process the air and/or gas efficiently in any industrial, commercial, municipal, or institutional setting, turn to Spencer Turbine’s Vortex Regenerative Blowers. These blowers are essential work horses that arrive quickly, perform exceptionally and are competitively priced.

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We understand American business because we are a proud American manufacturer since 1892. Let us help you put your business back on track – and maintain a cleaner, more efficient, workplace environment.