From raw material evaluations for vacuum system conveyance design to performance tests of finished blowers, we are equipped for every aspect of in-depth technical support. There are extensive in-house facilities for testing new engineering concepts and the innovative products that result. We also utilize our extensive datafile of findings from over a century of product research, development and testing at Spencer.

Typical Testing Services

  • Blower airflow assessments.
  • Material compatibility studies.
  • Gas sealing studies.
  • ASME Code tests such as PTC-10 Performance Test.
  • Volume measurements.
  • Laminar Flow Element tests.
  • Vacuum suction and flow tests for collected materials.
  • Vacuum tool assessment for material pickup and vacuum conveyance.
  • Filtration and materials evaluation.
  • Friction loss determinations.
  • Hydrostatic, pneumatic and halide leak tests.
  • Impeller overspeed evaluation.
  • Vibration analysis.
  • Dye penetrant tests.
  • Octave band noise analysis.
  • Witness tests.
Multistage blower is readied for airflow tests at Spencer.
Data acquisition systems in Spencer’s test facilities automatically collect airflow, mechanical and electrical performance data from blower test runs for computer analysis.