For customers who need help cleaning sensitive equipment and clean-room environments, The Spencer Turbine Company offers the Series ML™, a line of specially designed micro-cleaning tools as part of its full range of vacuum cleaning attachments and accessories.

microcleaning tools

Spencer’s Series ML is the ideal solution for vacuum cleaning jobs that require users to work within very confined spaces. Tools are available as part of a rotary valve kit; however, any item in the kit may also be ordered individually as well as additional optional tools not included in the kit. These specialty tools give customers the precision they need to provide cleaning in tight spaces such as for medical and bio-tech devices, copiers, printers and other electronic equipment with very small components and clearances.

The Series ML kit for Spencer systems includes a ¾” rotary valve with 7/16″ stopper and mounting bracket, two different sized suction tips — a ¾” ID x 6″ clear vinyl suction tip
and a 7/16″ OD x 6″ rigid plastic suction tip. The kit also includes a 5½” wide slot vacuum nozzle, a ¾” rotary valve cleaning brush and two sets of O rings, one for the valve rotor and one for the valve nose/tail.

The rotary valve allows for simple one-touch, thumb finger control for efficient flow without interrupting the cleaning task. A ¾” diameter x 10′ long flexible hose and a 7/16″ OD  18″ PVC rigid straight plastic suction tip, as well as 7/16″ OD x 6″ straight plastic disposable tips are also available. The hose and hose adapter fit easily into a standard 1½” “E” inlet valve.

Spencer backs the Series ML with more than 115 years of experience in vacuum cleaning systems. The Series ML vacuum cleaning tools are compatible with Spencer’s entire family of central vacuum systems, including Industravac® stationary and mobile units as well as any component vacuum system.

Spencer’s Series ML tools are shipped from inventory. For more information, contact the Vacuum Tools and Accessories Group at 800-232-4321, ext. 209; email marketing@spencer-air.com, or check out www.spencerturbine.com and refer to Spencer’s technical data sheet (TDS) 248.

About The Spencer Turbine Company

The Spencer Turbine Company is a privately held, U.S.-owned and -operated company
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