TIGG, LLC Announces New NSF Certification

OAKDALE, Pa. ― (August 23, 2018) ― TIGG announces receipt of NSF®International certification for its large vessel CP line of liquid phase products, for compliance with NSF®/ANSI 61and372-Drinking Water System Components -Health Effects and Lead Content. TIGG’sCP10K-8, CP20K-10, CP20K-12,and CP40K-12 ASME code stamped filtration tank systems can contain 20,000-80,000 lbs. of activated carbon with flow rates ranging up to 1,500 gpm.These liquid collection systems are designed to promote even flow distribution and efficient adsorbent utilization.

NSF®/ANSI 61, a set of national standards relating to water treatment, sets health effects criteria for many water system components. It establishes stringent requirements for the control of equipment that comes in contact with either potable water or products that support the production of potable water.

TIGG,LLC Since 1977, TIGG has provided a broad range of activated carbon adsorption equipment, systems, filtration media, and services for the removal of trace contaminants from air,water,process liquids, and gasses. The company is based at its corporate headquarters in Oakdale, Pennsylvania and it operates a 155,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

TIGG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spencer Turbine Company, which is recognized as a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of highly specialized blowers, gas boosters, and central vacuum systems. For more information, visit www.tigg.com and www.spencerturbine.com.